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Waccatee Zoo in Myrtle Beach

The Waccatee Zoo is a privately owned nature themed preserve for animals. The Futrells started collecting the animals twenty years ago and opened the zoo to the public.

When you enter the Waccatee Zoo, which is very reasonably priced you have an opportunity to buy food in a souvenir cup to feed the animals. You can feed all of the animals except the "big cats” There are over 100 species of animals at the zoo and you can view them and interact with them along the winding woodland trails of a lovely fifty acres of viewing area. Expect to see zebras, camels, goats, pigs, peacocks, lions, monkeys and more in the naturally enchanted and very real escape from the everyday world.

This is a perfect Myrtle Beach vacation day. It is especially nice in the spring and fall and is a shady break from the sun in the summer. Myrtle Beach weather makes it a perfect visit in the winter months as well.