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Senior Citizen Discounts

At Myrtle Beach Resort Vacations, we recognize and value the business of senior citizens.

We are happy to provide our senior citizens a 10% Discount on Most Daily and Weekly Rates for condominiums rented and occupied by persons over 55 years.

You may save almost 21% on Monthly Winter Rates with our "The longer you stay, the less you pay!" plan.

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Myrtle Beach Resort Indoor Pool
Tennis Courts Refer a Friend

Our past guests and friends have been very helpful in recommending the Myrtle Beach Resort to others. Now you can save on your next vacation by referring your friends and family.

Refer a Friend and SAVE!!

The longer you stay, the less you pay!

And you'll love wintering at the Myrtle Beach Resort! With its many amenities, it has already established itself as the beach's southern headquarters for "Snow Birds." Many of our winter guests tell us they can pay the moderate rental rate from their winter utility savings. And our "Longer you Stay, The Less You Pay" plan makes it easier than ever to winter at The Myrtle Beach Resort!

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