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Ripleys Haunted Adventure

As you pass by the Ripley's Haunted Adventure in downtown Myrtle Beach, scary vampires and goblins beckon you to come in. Once inside there is the fear of no escape. A guide will take you to the third floor of this rickety old haunted house and tell you not to touch anything. If this makes you just have to touch something, give it a try, you'll see what happens.

It is incredibly dark throughout this scary place, which adds to the fear and dread of real and animated goons jumping out and chasing you through the dark. If you are a "good listener" who hasn't been "touching things" they will make you touch them anyway. Ew, Yuck.

You get three chances to find your way out of this enticing Haunted Adventure. IF you can't do it, who knows what will happen. Great Fun for haunted house lovers.