Myrtle Beach Resort - Rental Management Information


Discover the difference of having your very own on-site rental management company!

Myrtle Beach Resort Vacations only manages condominiums at Myrtle Beach Resort.  All of our manpower, resources and efforts are focused solely on the growth and success of our partners, our homeowners.  Experience the difference of having your very own on-site rental program where marketing, guest services, housekeeping and maintenance are all directed and dedicated to your guests.  Myrtle Beach Resort Vacations has a huge stake in Myrtle Beach Resort and demonstrate that annually with 2% of every dollar earned returned to the Homeowners Association to grow, support and enhance the resort.    

 As the only on-site management company, our customer service to the guests and to our homeowners stands shoulders above any of the other groups that are managing units within the resort.  Our welcome center is directly inside the gate where we welcome your guests, personally hand them their keys and registration packet, answer all of their questions and personally resolve any issues or problems.  As you know, customer service is critical to the success of any hospitality venture and we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days out of year. 

Maximizing your investment and earning a return on your investment is our core marketing strategy.  It begins with our web site, dedicated only to Myrtle Beach Resort and the units we manage.  Discover the difference of every marketing dollar being spent only on units within the resort.  Our online reservation system is state -of-the-art with ease of use for the guest.  Only three clicks to make a reservation.  We have an on-site, dedicated sales call center manned by trained sales representatives.  Myrtle Beach Resort Vacations spends over $250,000 annually to create demand for your condominium and for Myrtle Beach Resort. 

Our online property management system enables you to have real time access to the status of your condominium anytime.  You can view statements, rental history, availability and even make your own reservation online.  Our goal is to build trust with our homeowners and the key to doing so is total transparency.  The level of service we are able to provide your guest and you comes from being the only on-site management company offering 24-hour housekeeping and maintenance service.  From towel delivery to clogged toilets, air-conditioning systems to failed refrigerators, our staff is able to respond immediately to a guest need.  No other management company can provide that level of service for Myrtle Beach Resort. 

We have two dedicated specialists working on your behalf all the time. John Agness and Christina Marie Peter serve as your homeowner representatives. They are available to help with any questions or problems that you might have as a homeowner. Some of the services they can provide you include: property and rental management, owner and owner guest usage, unit inventory and inspections, maintenance and upgrade contracts, owner account maintenance and guest satisfaction.You can contact John Agness via email at or Christina Marie Peter via email at

Key Advantages to Our Rental Program


What and Where is The Myrtle Beach Resort?

The Myrtle Beach Resort is a gated 33-acre Ocean Front Condominium Resort, comprising four buildings and nearly 1000 Condos. It’s located at 5905 South Kings Highway, about two miles South of the Myrtle Beach City Limits.

What amenities are located on the property?

The Myrtle Beach Resort boasts 24 hour security, two lighted tennis courts, six swimming pools (two indoors), a 375-ft lazy river, Jacuzzis, steam baths, coin-operated guest laundry facilities, on-site food and beverage service, and over 700-ft of sandy beach!

How are the Condominiums furnished?

Each Condo is fully furnished, including all major appliances - stove-full sized refrigerator with ice maker, microwave - television – vacuum cleaner - and all necessary dinnerware and cookware, including small appliances - blenders, toasters, and coffee makers. Most have garbage disposals and dishwashers.

How much are the property taxes on a typical Condo?

Property taxes are based on the value of the Condo, which is typically determined by the purchase price.

How is the Property Protected?

The Myrtle Beach Resort is outside the City Limits of Myrtle Beach in Horry County. However, Police and Fire Protection are provided by both the Myrtle Beach and Surfside Police and Fire Departments as well as the Horry County Departments.

How much are the Homeowners Association Fees?

Each Building at The Myrtle Beach Resort is governed by a separate H.O.A. and there is a Master Board, with representatives from each Association, which governs the combined property. The H.O.A. Fees are set by the various Board of Directors. The Monthly Fees vary, depending on the size and location of the Condo. The Fees for the Year 2014 are as follows:

Phase I Building A One Bedroom    356.00
    Two Bedroom    522.00
Phase II   Building B* One Bedroom    276.00
    Two bedroom    400.00





* Building insurance paid separately through the HOA.

Phase III  Renaissance Tower Small Sun Suite 236.00
    Large Sun Suite 340.00
    One Bedroom 340.00
    Two Bedroom 444.00
    Grand and Ocean Front Two Bedroom 548.00
Phase IV Five Seasons Center One Bedroom 390.00
    Two bedroom 585.00


What do the Homeowners Association Fees cover?

The Homeowner Association Fees cover Water, Sewer, Insurance on the Building, Maintenance of the Buildings and Grounds, Electricity for the Common Areas, Trash Collection, Pest Control, Management Fees, and support of the Master Association, which provides Telephones and Local Telephone Service, Televisions and TV Cable Service, and 24 Hour Security.

Does Each Homeowner have to carry Insurance?

Liability and content insurance coverage is the responsibility of the owner.

What about Heating and Air Conditioning?

Each condo has its own central Heating and Air Conditioning system, which is the responsibility of the Homeowner.

What about electricity?

Each Homeowner is responsible for his own Electric Bill. The amount of an Electric Bill depends on many factors including the size of the Condo and the weather. An average would be from $600 to $900 per year.

What Fee is charged by MBRV for Renting the Condo?

Rental Services are available through Myrtle Beach Resort Vacations for which we charge 30% of Gross Rental Income. There are no other charges to the Homeowner for the Rental Service. We pay any Credit Card Discounts or Travel Agents Commissions. Cleaning, Linen Service, and Sales Taxes are the responsibility of the Guest. Rentals are disbursed to Homeowners monthly, usually within a week of the time the Guest checks out.

What other costs are involved in ownership?

The only remaining cost is, of course, maintenance of the Condo. This includes repair or replacements of items, including furniture, furnishings, fixtures, equipment, and house wares, which become broken, worn out, or missing. Myrtle Beach Resort Vacations will look after these problems and bill the Homeowner, usually by deducting the costs from the Homeowner’s Rental Check.