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Myrtle Waves Water Park

Myrtle Waves Water Park is South Carolina's largest water park and is housed on twenty acres, filled with every kind of water thrill imaginable.

From the Ocean in Motion Wave Pool to the traditional Lazy River, every ride you can think of and more are present in this huge and exciting park. Myrtle Waves offers a few unique water park experiences. They are home to the Racin' River which is a 250-foot river flowing at 10 mph were the riders are provided with skimmer boards. Another of their more interesting rides is the Super Chute. This is a 20 foot enclosed tube. In and of itself this is pretty typical as water parks go however, the Super Chute drops you at the end, into eight feet of water. This ride will take your breath away. These are just a few of the rides available for guests to enjoy when visiting Myrtle Waves Water Park.

Other attractions are great food, free sodas, and award winning lifeguards, to keep your visit comfortable and safe.

One price covers all rides, so everyone can see and do as much as they like. Be one of the 200,000 people each year who visit Myrtle Waves Water Park, in Myrtle Beach South Carolina.