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Childrens Museum of South Carolina

South Carolina Childrens MuseumWhat do you think of when you think of a museum? Maybe you think of an art museum or maybe history. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is full of these museums and many more. One very special museum is the Children's Museum of South Carolina, located on 21st avenue near Broadway At the Beach. It is best described as an interactive learning museum that's a blast for children and parents too.

Exhibits teach about art, music, science, health, and technology and are updated and changed regularly to provide new learning experiences every time you visit. Stuffy the giant chair is a great prop used to teach children about their bodies. They role-play with puppets to sing and dance. They learn about plants and animals in a multitude of terrariums. There is a giant galaxy mobile, to learn about the planets in our solar system. Special events and workshops are taking place constantly. It is a great place to sneak off to with your children for a delightful time and an unforgettable experience.