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Brookgreen Gardens

Brookgreen GardensSouth of Myrtle Beach and across from Huntington Beach State Park on Highway 17 is Brookgreen Gardens. This is a great preserve donated by the Huntingtons and is America's first sculpture garden. It now includes exhibits from the 1800's to the present.

Brookgreen Gardens is also a large and beautiful horticulture garden. It has winding trails among a variety of trees, shrubs, flowers and vines. These include specimens that flourish during every season of the year.

The zoo at Brookgreen Gardens is a preserve for endangered species and wildlife known to the low country in South Carolina. Travel further back in the preserve by boat or bus and you may see an American eagle.

There are various workshops, educational experiences and festivals available throughout the year at Brookgreen Gardens. It is one of the favorite local treats we have to share with our guests from across the country and around the world.