Located in Myrtle Beach, SC the new IMAX Theatre at Broadway at the Beach is more than a movie. With state of the art effects and 3D glasses enjoy the experience of being taken to places you may have never dreamed you would visit. Surround sound increases the reality of the experience while visiting the IMAX Theatre. It's more than a show, so go, see for yourself and tell a friend.

IMAX offers five different shows to choose from: Giants of the Patagonia is narrated by Donald Sutherland and will take you to Patagonia were dinosaurs still rule. Two movies will take your breath away beneath the sea, for a close up adventure with Sharks narrated by Jean-Michel Cousteau or go way done under in Deep Sea. Sky-rocket out of space to Space Station, hosted by Tom Cruise and discover what it feels like to travel 220 miles above Earth at 17,000 miles per hour or visit Africa's most exciting creatures in Wild Safari.

There is something or everything for everyone at the IMAX Theatre, a Grand new attraction in the Grand Strand.